Lorette Ponds

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Lorette Ponds, one of the prettiest spots in Kananaskis and one of my favorite spots. It is a photographer's dream for all seasons. It is a great spot for family picnics or Grandpa taking the little ones fishing.It is just a nice, easy stroll around the ponds.

Mount Yamnuska

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Mount Yamnaska, May 6th, 2017 Mount Yamnuska, Reed Lake and Crescent Lake, March 26, 2017 Mount Yamnuska, an area like no other. The view is amazing. A great place to explore with many, many trails of various levels of abilities. Once you arrive at the parking lot, you have many trails to wonder down. For [...]

A change of pace

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Evening everyone!! Tonight, I am going to talk about something different. You all know I have a passion for photography and my adventures every weekend. Another passion of mine is drawing. I have been drawing horses since I could hold a pencil. My father would draw me pictures of horses and I would spend hours [...]

. . . and so the adventure begins.

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"What lies ahead I have no way of knowin', but under my feet baby, grass is growin'.  It's time to move on . . .  it's time to get goin'." -Tom Petty In the words of Tom Petty, let's find a road and see where it takes us. I find a new road or two [...]

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