A change of pace

//A change of pace

A change of pace

Evening everyone!!

Tonight, I am going to talk about something different. You all know I have a passion for photography and my adventures every weekend. Another passion of mine is drawing. I have been drawing horses since I could hold a pencil. My father would draw me pictures of horses and I would spend hours trying to duplicate what he had drawn. I have held that passion close to my heart throughout my life. Now, I have the opportunity to use this passion to make others happy. For the past year, I have completed several commissioned drawings of beloved furry friends for others. The stories behind the drawings have tugged at my heart strings.

I am about to start one such drawing. A dear friend, Monna Rathwell, recently lost a dear friend. Max was a beloved horse. She thought she had more time with him. She wanted me to come out later this spring to take photos of Max but sometimes, time can be a cruel friend and that wish cannot be fulfilled. I take great pride in doing this next drawing. I hope it can give Monna some comfort every time she looks at the drawing and remembers a dear friend.

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