Mount Yamnuska

//Mount Yamnuska

Mount Yamnuska

Mount Yamnaska, May 6th, 2017

Mount Yamnuska, Reed Lake and Crescent Lake, March 26, 2017

Mount Yamnuska, an area like no other. The view is amazing. A great place to explore with many, many trails of various levels of abilities. Once you arrive at the parking lot, you have many trails to wonder down. For the very experienced, you can head to the right of the parking lot. For me personally, we¬†explored the area off to the left of the parking lot. You can still see Yamnuska but the trails are much, much easier than climbing the mountain. The mountain trails are for the very experienced hiker as parts of the trail is very steep. Also, through the rocky parts, you are walking on a very narrow, rocky path holding on chains. The view I have been told is simply amazing but not a hike for me.¬†The area we choose has several trails, along many beautiful lakes. Crescent and Reed Lakes are a definite must see and bring your cameras. On a calm day, the reflections off the water are amazing, just like looking into a mirror. The only thing you need to be aware of is that all the trails seem to head towards the “Aspen Jungle”. The name is very appropriate as there are several trees, close together with a lot of downed trees. This will definitely an area that i will be exploring more in the summer.

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